The Art of Boxing – The Sport of Ballet springs from the partnership between St. Paul Ballet and Element Gym




Element Gym and St. Paul Ballet's shared performance is an interactive experience that crackles with energy, blurring lines and illuminating the grace, athleticism and common rituals of ballet and boxing. St. Paul Ballet’s Artistic Director Zoé Emilie Henrot and Element Boxing Director Dalton Outlaw choreographed the performance as an interactive experience that highlights the common rituals of ballet and boxing. The performance challenges stereotypes as it bridges seemingly disparate cultures and demanding physical pursuits.


The partnership between St. Paul Ballet and Element Gym began organically as St. Paul Ballet and Element Gym shared common space - with dancers and boxers working and training side by side. The partnership evolved as the two groups learned more about their common goals to transform lives, build community and to provide access to high quality programs in an inclusive, diverse community. The organization’s leaders, both passionate about their craft, also the partnership as a unique opportunity to bring cultures together. Together, the organizations serve more than 500 individuals every year and hope to reach many more.


Knight Arts Challenge: In 2016, the partnership of St. Paul Ballet and Element Gym was one of 27 organizations selected to receive the Knight Arts Challenge award, which funds the best ideas for engaging and enriching communities through the arts in four U.S. cities: Akron, Detroit, Miami and St. Paul. Their first major joint performance in October 2017 received enthusiastic support from a diverse audience with audience members calling their collaboration“transformative” and “life changing.”

Knight Foundation Cultural Opportunity Fund: The Knight Foundation Cultural Opportunity Fund provides artists and organizations the opportunity to receive a subsidy towards renting the Ordway’s Concert Hall. With $5,000 from The Knight Foundation and net proceeds from all ticket sales from The Ordway we are able to fund one evening that would otherwise be impossible.

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